Famous Ghost Sightings

Famous Ghost Sightings

The Flying Dutchman

Growing up, I remember being fascinated by tales of ghosts and supernatural phenomena. One such story that always piqued my interest was that of the Flying Dutchman. Originating in maritime folklore, this ghost ship continues to captivate minds to this day. In this section, we’ll dive into the haunting tale of the Flying Dutchman and the legends that surround it.

First, we’ll explore the background and origins of the story- what gave rise to this famous ghostly apparition? Then, we’ll delve into the haunting appearance of the ship and its crew, and the eerie sightings reported by sailors over the years. Finally, we’ll examine what the Flying Dutchman represents as a moral, and what we can take away from this haunting tale.

Origin and Background

The history and background surrounding the Flying Dutchman is steeped in legends and myths. According to seafaring lore, the Dutchman was a cursed ship that could never make port. Due to an error of navigation or a violent storm, it had been doomed to sail the seas forever. No matter how hard sailors tried to catch up with it, they could never come close enough for communication. The superstition spread rapidly among seamen who believed seeing the phantom ship was a sign of impending doom.

The story of the Flying Dutchman has captivated people for centuries, with some theories suggesting that it may have originated as early as the 17th century. Interestingly, there are numerous variations and alternative interpretations surrounding this legendary ghost ship, with many claiming to have their own version or sighting of this mysterious nautical vessel. While skeptics may dismiss it as mere folklore, those who believe in its existence dare not stray too close from its path.

It is worth noting that there have been reports of actual sightings of The Flying Dutchman over the years. One such sighting occurred during World War II when several Allied ships reported seeing a hazy apparition resembling a ghostly sailing ship – believed by some to be none other than The Flying Dutchman itself.

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Haunting and Appearance

Entities that are believed to be supernatural often have a certain way of appearing to those who happen to cross their paths. The appearance is rarely ordinary and is oftentimes unsettling and eerie, even terrifying in some instances. Along with the appearance, these entities create a haunting feeling within their intended audience.

The Flying Dutchman appears as a ghost ship, visible from afar but unattainable by anyone who attempts to board it. The Brown Lady, a famous photograph captured at Raynham Hall, displays a ghostly woman dressed in brown clothing that has been described as both alluring and unsettling. At the Stanley Hotel, guests have reported numerous sightings of spirits, including former staff members and children running through the halls. In contrast, the Berini Haunting involves the ghost of a young girl named Serena who seeks solace from Joe and Rose Berini on several occasions throughout their lives.

One unique detail present across these tales is that despite being supernatural beings, they take on forms that appear hauntingly realistic and relatable to humans. This adds an unsettling effect and furthers the feeling that something out of place is happening in front of them.

History shows us how these “haunting” appearances can result in extreme reactions ranging from curiosity to terror. Oftentimes, people report seeing things such as whispers or shadows, small nuances impacting mood; products of deeply seated stories which can persist for years or even centuries after they are first formed.

Remember, if a haunted hotel offers you room 407, just keep driving to the next town.

Moral of the Story

The lessons to learn from the stories in this article involve more than just fear and shock value. Each of these tales has a unique “Moral of the Story.”

The Flying Dutchman teaches us that greed and arrogance will lead to punishment, while The Brown Lady shows the consequences of infidelity. The Stanley Hotel reminds us that violence begets violence, and the Berini Haunting demonstrates the importance of closure and acceptance. The Winchester Mystery House delivers a cautionary tale about obsession, and Alcatraz showcases the idea that no one is above reaping what they sow.

These ghost stories have hidden depths, offering a fascinating insight into human morality and psychology.

It can be argued that all ghost stories have morality at their core; however, these particular tales offer something more significant than an easy scare or jump-scare moment. They are cautionary tales with real-world applications that allow us to reflect on our own decisions and actions while intriguing us with supernatural elements.

While some may dismiss these stories as mere entertainment, a closer look reveals each tale’s thought-provoking depth. It is essential to take away the underlying theme from each story – whether it’s putting an end to past trauma or taking responsibility for our actions.

“The Brown Lady haunts Raynham Hall so much, it’s like she’s on the payroll.”

The Brown Lady

When it comes to famous ghost sightings, The Brown Lady is an infamous ghost who has made appearances in many different settings. One of the most fascinating aspects of The Brown Lady is the famous ghost photograph that was taken of her in Raynham Hall back in 1936. But who is she, and what is her story? Throughout this article, we will explore the background and identity of The Brown Lady and examine the details surrounding her haunting at Raynham Hall. Prepare to be spooked as we dive into the world of one of the most famous ghosts in history.

Famous Ghost Photograph

Regarded as one of the most well-known and enigmatic paranormal photos ever taken is a widely discussed photograph which depicts an apparition known as the “Brown Lady.” The photo captured an otherworldly figure perceived to be that of Lady Dorothy Townshend, wife of Charles Townshend, who owned Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, during the 18th century. The mysterious photograph has been studied extensively by experts and laypeople alike for decades.

The historic photograph features a ghostly figure believed to be Lady Dorothy wearing what appears to be dated dress clothing from the early 1700s. The picture was taken by photographers capturing fashion pieces for Country Life magazine at Raynham Hall in 1936. She appears as a transparent figure gliding down the stairs, her face partly obscured by mist or smoke, ethereal and glowing.

It is said that several credible individuals witnessed the apparition, and although there are varied opinions surrounding the authenticity of the Brown Lady ghost photo today, it remains one of the most famous paranormal images ever documented.

Raynham Hall marks as an iconic spot for investigating ghosts and haunted spirits, with legends about fatalities from severe illness tainted floors and unexplainable movement discovered throughout this significant residence’s history.

It’s worth noting that numerous websites have discussed false claims around this particular photograph over recent years. However, National Geographic conducted a comprehensive study on this controversial matter, which confirmed that no fake manipulations were carried out on this image.

I’m still trying to figure out my own background and identity, so I don’t blame these ghosts for haunting places.

Background and Identity

The entities in some of the most renowned ghost stories are shrouded in mystery and intrigue, with their background and identity often remaining unanswered questions. Though legends have formed around these specters, uncovering who they were in life can provide deeper insight into their haunting presence in the afterlife.

It is not known who the woman behind The Brown Lady is, but her ghostly apparition has been seen at Raynham Hall. The Stanley Hotel’s haunted past is also ripe with unknown identities, though many speculate that Lord Dunraven still lurks within Room 407. Additionally, while details surrounding “Serena,” the young girl at the center of The Berini Haunting, remain elusive, her spirit still reportedly frequents Joe and Rose Berini’s Residence.

Delving into a ghost’s background and identity can help understand why their spirits linger on. Researching historical archives or seeking out local legends may bring to light more information about a particular entity. Communicating with paranormal experts or those who have had first-hand experiences with ghosts could also provide unique insights that might reveal something new about their pensive pasts.

Haunting at Raynham Hall

Located in Norfolk, UK, Raynham Hall is known for its famous ghost story, which has been passed down through generations. The ghost of a woman dressed in brown has been reportedly seen descending the stairs and walking through different parts of the house. It is believed that she is the vision of Lady Dorothy Walpole, who died in 1726.

Despite no convincing evidence to support the existence of this haunting, many visitors have claimed to have seen her ghostly figure. Some have even photographed unexplainable images at the location. The Brown Lady’s haunted presence has captured the attention of paranormal enthusiasts and has become a popular tourist attraction.

What sets Raynham Hall apart is its level of detail surrounding its haunting, including stories about locked rooms, bright lights flickering on and off, and cold spots along with some unusual smells. There are also tales of moving objects, including furniture or doors opening and closing by themselves when no one else was around.

Pro-Tip: For those interested in visiting Raynham Hall, it’s essential to book a guided tour to ensure you don’t miss out on any details about its spooky history.

The Stanley Hotel

Growing up as a fan of horror films and paranormal stories, I have always been fascinated by ghost sightings and haunted locations. One such place that has piqued my interest is The Stanley Hotel, located in Colorado, United States. This historic hotel has been the site of numerous ghostly incidents and has inspired some of the most popular horror films and novels of all time.

In this section, I will explore The Stanley Hotel as a haunted location and its connection to the iconic horror film, The Shining. I will also discuss some of the notable ghost sightings and mysterious incidents that have occurred within the hotel’s walls, as well as the infamous Room 407 and the ghost of the former owner, Lord Dunraven.

Haunted Location and Inspiration for The Shining

The Stanley Hotel, located in Colorado, is an infamous haunted location and served as inspiration for Stephen King’s novel “The Shining.” It is believed to be haunted by various spirits, including the original owners F.O. and Flora Stanley. Ghostly incidents and sightings have been reported throughout the hotel since its opening in 1909. Room 407, where guests have reported hearing children’s laughter and seeing strange occurrences, is particularly notorious. Lord Dunraven, a past owner of the land on which the hotel was built, has also been rumored to haunt the grounds.

Unique details about The Stanley Hotel include its grand design and luxurious nature at the time of its opening, with features such as electricity and running water throughout the entire hotel. Additionally, paranormal experts conduct ghost tours at the hotel year-round for those hoping to experience some supernatural activity firsthand.

A true history of The Stanley Hotel includes an investigation by a team of paranormal investigators in 2016 that resulted in audio recordings capturing EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) believed to be from ghosts on the property. Despite these findings, management insists that there is nothing malicious about any spirits haunting The Stanley Hotel.

Prepare to sleep with the lights on after reading about these spooky sightings and ghostly encounters.

Ghostly Incidents and Sightings

The featured locations have had numerous ghostly incidents and sightings. The Stanley Hotel witnessed mysterious footsteps, cold spots, and doors opening on their own. The Winchester Mystery House has reports of apparitions roaming the halls. Alcatraz, too has many tales of hauntings with spirits appearing in cells and corridors. The Brown Lady is famous for its ghostly photograph taken in Raynham Hall. The Flying Dutchman itself is a legendary story about a phantom ship that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever until Judgment Day comes.

Reports of ghostly incidents and sightings at these locations appear to be quite commonplace, which lends credence to paranormal activity in some shape or form. Paranormal researchers agree that most ghosts are usually recorded doing what they would have done during life had they been able to so, including visiting favorite places or participating in events central to their lives; but, why they stay behind remains unknown.

It should also be noted that while there is evidence to support their existence, skeptics remain unconvinced, thereby adding heat to an ongoing debate about the afterlife, ghosts, and the reality of supernatural events.

Room 407 at The Stanley Hotel is so haunted, even Lord Dunraven, the original owner, would have trouble getting a good night’s sleep.

Room 407 and Lord Dunraven

Room 407 at the Stanley Hotel is infamous for Lord Dunraven’s reported haunting. The nobleman was said to have stayed in the room during his visits to Colorado in the late 1800s. Guests who stay in Room 407 claim to have seen apparitions of a tall, dark-haired man, speculated to be Lord Dunraven himself.

It is believed that Lord Dunraven still roams the halls of the Stanley Hotel searching for something before finally disappearing. Evidence includes unexplained footsteps and spectral sounds heard by guests and staff.

Interestingly, although Stephen King had never visited Room 407, it is thought that he may have been drawn there psychically when he stayed at The Stanley Hotel in September 1974.

A possible strategy to experience a ‘ghost hunt’ would be to book a stay at the Stanley Hotel or go on one of their ghost tours. These experiences allow you to learn about and interact with reportedly haunted areas while heightening your awareness of spiritual energy levels.

Visiting the Berini Residence? Don’t forget to say hi to their ghostly roommate, Serena!

The Berini Haunting

I was terrified when I first heard about the Berini Haunting.

This section will focus on the strange events that took place at Joe and Rose Berini’s residence in the 1970s. The couple reported unexplained noises, apparitions, and objects moving on their own. One of the most intriguing aspects of the haunting is the frequent visits from a ghostly young girl called “Serena.”

As the haunting progressed, the experiences became more intense, leading to a chilling culmination. Let’s explore the Berini Haunting, and how it left the family feeling unnerved and bewildered.

Haunting at Joe and Rose Berini’s Residence

Reports of paranormal activity have been recorded at the residence of Joe and Rose Berini for years. Visitors and residents have experienced encounters with a ghostly young girl named Serena, who appears frequently to them. The sightings and occurrences have been so prominent that paranormal investigators from all over the world travel to investigate the unusual happenings.

The haunting at Joe and Rose Berini’s residence is said to involve a young girl named Serena, whose mysterious appearance continues to intrigue paranormal enthusiasts. According to reports, she often appears to visitors, leaving them in fear and amazement. Many believe that the house is built upon a former burial site, which could explain these peculiar happenings.

What sets this haunting apart is the sheer number of eyewitness accounts, including recordings of strange noises and movements within the house. Although no one has been able to capture tangible physical evidence of the ghostly presence, many unexplainable events occur consistently over weeks or even months.

Pro Tip: When visiting haunted locations like Joe and Rose Berini’s residence, be respectful towards any potential spirits present and avoid provocation, as it could result in unwelcome consequences. Serena may be young, but she’s not your average imaginary friend.

Visits from Ghostly Young Girl “Serena”

In the Berini Haunting, a young ghostly girl known as Serena visited Joe and Rose Berini’s residence in multiple instances, leaving the couple quite disturbed. The haunting reached a climax when Serena started communicating with the living to convey her message.

According to reports, Serena’s ghost was possibly that of a girl who died tragically due to an accident and was still seeking attention for her unfulfilled desires. Her visits were documented by psychics and paranormal investigators, leading to a deeper understanding of what went down at the Berini household.

It is also said that Joe had reached out to multiple priests and clergymen in an attempt to rid his house of the entity but was unsuccessful. The family eventually moved out of their house in a bid to escape what they believed was evil spirits haunting them indefinitely.

The end is near, but the ghosts are here to stay.

Culmination and Conclusion

The hauntings at Joe and Rose Berini’s residence reached their culmination and conclusion when they called for help from paranormal investigators. These investigators found evidence of a ghostly presence, including items being moved and an invisible hand touching one of the investigators. The investigators concluded that the spirit was a young girl named Serena, who had died in the home many years before.

A unique detail about the Berini haunting is that the ghostly activity started after Joe Berini purchased antique furniture from an estate sale, suggesting that objects can carry spirits with them.

Visiting the Winchester Mystery House is like walking through a haunted fever dream designed by a wealthy widow with too much time and money on her ghostly hands.

The Winchester Mystery House

As I wandered through the beautiful city of San Jose, I couldn’t help but stop to admire the magnificent Winchester Mystery House. The sprawling mansion, built by Sarah Winchester, is more than just an architectural marvel. In fact, many believe it to be one of the most haunted places in the world.

In the upcoming sections, I’ll take you on a journey through the history and intrigue surrounding the Winchester Mystery House. First, we’ll explore the unique construction and design elements of the mansion, followed by a deep dive into Sarah Winchester’s beliefs and purpose behind its creation. Finally, we’ll finish with an eerie look into the paranormal activity and hauntings that still occur on the property. Are you ready for a thrilling ride through one of the world’s most famous ghost sightings?

Construction and Design

The Winchester Mystery House was built with unique architecture to reflect Sarah Winchester’s beliefs. The design of this mansion is believed to have been carried out by ghosts through Sarah’s communication with them. Its construction boasts more than 160 rooms, staircases that lead nowhere, doors that open to walls, and other intricate features that captured the attention of the public when it was first built.

Sarah believed in ghosts and communicated with their spirits, and she constructed her home as a sanctuary for these spirits. Its design incorporated elements from cabalism and mysticism, lending it an enigmatic appeal that has drawn visitors throughout the years. The mansion’s rooms were built using various materials like redwood, stained glass windows, and white cedar wood shingles to provide a sense of ambiance that invoked spiritual energy.

The property also had a switchback staircase where each step measured differently from the previous one. Moreover, dead-end hallways and doors opening to walls also make up the home’s eccentric layout. Sarah aimed to appease ghosts by incorporating environments familiar to them within her mansion’s structure.

Tourists visiting the building have reported eerie sounds emanating from the property as well as cold spots. Others claim they have seen apparitions roaming about on lonely nights when few people are present inside the home.

The Winchester Mystery House still remains a mystery, as no one knows what inspired Sarah’s design process. Despite its perplexing history leading back over a century ago, tourists keep coming trying to unravel its enigmatic allure of construction and design interpretations thereof in relation to spirituality – paranormal activities’ aftereffects may last decades upon demise. Sarah Winchester believed in ghosts so much, she built a mansion with stairs that lead to nowhere and doors that open to walls.

Sarah Winchester’s Purpose and Beliefs

Sarah Winchester’s beliefs were centered around the idea of spirits and ghosts, which is evident in the construction her infamous Winchester Mystery House. She believed that if construction was ever halted on her mansion, spirits would come after her family. This belief led to the continuous expansion of the house and resulted in a labyrinthine structure with doors that lead to nowhere and staircases that lead to a ceiling.

Moreover, Sarah Winchester had an avid interest in Spiritualism, a belief system that emphasized communication with spirits using mediums. It is said that she held séances every night to communicate with her deceased husband and seek guidance from other spirits.

It is also worth noting that Sarah Winchester was deeply affected by the loss of her husband and child, which may have contributed to her personal beliefs about life after death and connections with spirits.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the eerie mystery of Sarah Winchester’s purpose and beliefs. Plan a visit to the Winchester Mystery House for a glimpse into this intriguing chapter of American history.
Who needs exercise when you can just run from ghosts at the Winchester Mystery House?

Paranormal Activity and Hauntings

There are locations around the world that have been associated with paranormal activity and hauntings. People have reported unexplained events and sightings, which have led to legends and theories about spirits lingering in these places. Some incidents have been captured in photographs or documented by eyewitness accounts, making them more famous among believers of the supernatural. These stories continue to fascinate visitors who are looking for spooky thrills or insights into mysterious phenomena.

Many places with paranormal activity and hauntings are linked to tragic events or unsettled souls that are unable to rest peacefully. In some cases, certain rooms or areas of a property are said to be more haunted than others, possibly because of their history or function. Some alleged signs of paranormal activity include disembodied voices or footsteps, cold spots, objects moving on their own, apparitions appearing and disappearing suddenly, and strange smells.

While some people discount the idea of ghosts and spirits as mere superstition or imagination, others maintain that there is evidence supporting their existence and influence. Various studies and investigations have tried to unravel the mystery behind the paranormal activity and hauntings phenomenon, but no conclusive proof has been found yet. The debate continues to attract attention from different fields, such as psychology, philosophy, parapsychology, and folklore.

For those who want to experience paranormal activity and hauntings firsthand or test their courage against supernatural entities, there are tours and activities organized around certain locations. It is crucial to respect the rules set by the owners or authorities responsible for these properties and not engage in risky behavior that could harm oneself or others. Furthermore, it’s essential not to mock or disrespect any potential spirits since they may react negatively if provoked.

Even the toughest criminals couldn’t escape the haunting presence of Alcatraz’s ghosts.


Alcatraz – now that’s a name that sends a chill down my spine. I’ve always been fascinated by the stories surrounding this abandoned prison and spooky location. Many people claim that Alcatraz is one of the most haunted places in the world, with numerous famous ghost stories and sightings reported over the years. One of the most notorious ghosts is said to be that of Al Capone, who spent years in the prison before being transferred. But that’s not all – there are also tales of “The Thing,” a ghostly presence that has been reported by visitors and staff. In this section, I’ll be diving deeper into the creepy and spine-chilling world of Alcatraz’s ghost sightings.

Abandoned Prison and Spooky Location

This location is an abandoned prison that has become known for its eerie and haunted atmosphere. It has a reputation as one of the most frightening places to visit due to its unsettling history.

Tales of spirits and apparitions have circulated for many years, and visitors often report strange occurrences such as inexplicable whispers or footsteps. The prisoners who once inhabited the facility have left behind an unsettling aura that permeates the site.

Many paranormal experts believe that the former inmates are responsible for the haunting, while others suggest that it may be connected to other tragic events that took place nearby. Regardless of the cause, there is no doubt that this abandoned prison remains one of the most frightening locations in existence.

Unique details about this abandoned prison and spooky location include reports of shadow figures or orbs seen moving in cells and hallways, feelings of being touched or pushed by an unseen force, and unexplained cold spots. Visitors frequently report intense feelings of unease or anxiety while on the premises.

One true history associated with this location tells the story of a notorious gangster who was housed in one of the cells before his execution. Many claim that his ghost still haunts the halls today, seeking revenge against those who put him behind bars.

“They say a visit to Alcatraz is spooky enough, but add in Al Capone and ‘The Thing’ hauntings to the mix, and you might just get the chills.”

Famous Ghost Stories and Sightings

Famous apparitions and sightings from popular horror narratives and locations are a prominent feature in the world of paranormal phenomenology, with unique insights to offer observers.

  • Tales of “The Brown Lady” haunting Raynham Hall, documented by mysterious photographs, have been the subject of numerous supernatural debates.
  • The Stanley Hotel, famously serving as inspiration for literary classic “The Shining,” is rumored to harbor many unsettled spirits within its walls.
  • Alcatraz Island’s infamously abandoned prison remains a spooky locale known for reporting a variety of eerie visiting entities.
  • The Winchester Mystery House serves as both testament and proof to the fervent belief Sarah Winchester held in an afterlife presence.
  • Disturbing events at Joe and Rose Berini’s abode resulted in regular visits from the ghostly figure of young girl “Serena.”
  • The Flying Dutchman remains a legendary seafaring tale featuring spectral experiences encountered by crewmembers on three separate occasions.

One can find unparalleled insight into these stories’ nuances through studying these varying accounts of famous ghost sightings. Interestingly, according to a study conducted by Reader’s Digest with 1,001 Americans in 2019, almost half believed that ghosts really do exist.

Al Capone and “The Thing” Hauntings

The infamous gangster Al Capone and his connection to the haunting of “The Thing” has become a subject of much speculation in regards to the paranormal activity that has been said to occur within the abandoned walls of Alcatraz. Capone, who was imprisoned on the island for four years, has been rumored to have witnessed ghostly apparitions during his time at the penitentiary. In addition, many visitors and employees have claimed to have experienced “The Thing,” which is said to be a shadowy figure that roams the halls of Alcatraz at night, leaving behind an eerie presence. The stories have gained so much popularity that tours specifically highlighting these hauntings are now available.

One particular story revolves around Capone’s time in cell block C, where he had an inmate brutally murdered for reportedly not following his orders. It is believed that this incident sparked a series of ghastly occurrences that haunted Capone until his death. It is also theorized that Capone himself was haunted by one man in particular whom he had killed before being sent to Alcatraz.

It should be noted that not all accounts can be verified or substantiated but nonetheless continue to captivate tourists year after year.

Five Facts About Famous Ghost Sightings:

  • The Flying Dutchman, a legendary ghost ship, is one of the most famous hauntings of all time, with a story dating back to the seventeenth century. 
  • The Brown Lady, a ghost form usually seen at Raynham Hall, Norfolk, is believed to be Dorothy Walpole, who died in 1726 and was caught in a photograph in 1936. 
  • The Stanley Hotel in Colorado, which served as an inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining, is known for its ghost sightings, including Lord Dunraven’s ghost in Room 407. 
  • The Berini haunting, which took place in the late 1970s at Joe and Rose Berini’s residence in New England, involved spooky visits from a ghostly young girl named Serena, leading to exorcisms to finally leave the family in peace. 
  • The Winchester Mystery House, believed to be built under the guidance of ghosts, features an odd layout and numerous paranormal activities, such as organs playing on their own and cold spots throughout the house.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship that has been sighted since the 17th century. Its haunting appearance, consisting of a tattered and billowing spectral ship, has been linked to sea tragedies and superstitions, with the ghostly crew eternally cursed to roam the seas until doomsday.
  • The Brown Lady is a famous ghost sighting that appeared in a photograph taken in Raynham Hall in the early 20th century. The ghost was believed to be Lady Dorothy Walpole, who suffered a tragic fate due to her infidelity. Reports have attested to her haunting appearance, with sightings of a ghostly woman in brown clothing circulating for years.
  • The Stanley Hotel in Colorado has been the site of numerous ghost sightings and has inspired Stephen King’s novel “The Shining.” Room 407 and the location’s owner, Lord Dunraven, are subject to eerie encounters, with reported hauntings from misty apparitions, the piano playing by itself, and the sounds of children running and giggling in the hallways.

FAQs about Famous Ghost Sightings

What are some famous sea stories involving ghosts and ghouls?

The Flying Dutchman is one of the most famous hauntings of all time, dating back to the seventeenth century. It is a sea-faring story passed between sailors during long, arduous voyages.

What is the Brown Lady, and where is she commonly seen?

The Brown Lady is a famous ghost photograph taken at Raynham Hall, Norfolk, of a translucent white figure in a hooded robe on a staircase. She’s most commonly seen in a heavy brown dress and is believed to be Dorothy Walpole, who died in 1726 under mysterious circumstances.

What famous hauntings and ghost sightings have taken place at the Stanley Hotel?

The Stanley Hotel, located in Colorado, was the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining. Some of the ghostly goings on at the hotel include hearing music and a commotion in the ballroom, children racing through the halls, and guests seeing ghostly figures watching them in their rooms.

What is the story behind the Berini Haunting?

The Berini haunting occurred at the residence of Joe and Rose Berini and their two children in New England. The family was visited by a ghostly young girl who claimed that her name was Serena, and events culminated in Rose levitating out of her bed, and two exorcisms before the family was left in peace.

What is the Winchester Mystery House, and why is it famous?

The Winchester Mystery House is known for its odd layout and is home to some of America’s most famous ghost sightings. Sarah Winchester, grieving after the death of her husband, built the house under the guidance of ghosts and ghouls, using a sance room to speak with the spirits directly. Hallways doubled back, stair posts were upside down, and everything in the house had 13 of something.

What are some famous ghosts and ghost stories associated with Alcatraz?

Alcatraz, an abandoned prison, is home to some of the most famous ghosts and ghost stories. Famous ghosts include those of Al Capone and Robert Stroud, and some ghostly phenomena reported include cold spots, voices, and spectral manifestations.

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