Harry Price paranormal investigator

Harry Price: Paranormal Investigator

Early Life and Career of Harry Price

I find it fascinating how certain hobbies and interests can shape the course of one’s life. Harry Price is a prime example of this phenomenon. From his early years, Harry demonstrated a curious and inquisitive nature that led him down a path of exploration and discovery. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the various interests and pursuits that fueled Harry Price’s early life and career. We’ll explore his birth and education, as well as his passion for space telegraphy and coin collecting. Additionally, we’ll delve into his involvement in archaeology and the intriguing artifacts he unearthed, and his interest in magic and conjuring.

Birth and Education

Harry Price, a revered paranormal investigator, was born in London in 1881 and grew up in a middle-class household. His education began at Tottenham High School, where he excelled academically and showed interest in science and technology. However, due to financial constraints, Price had to leave school at the age of seventeen and take on odd jobs to support his family. Despite this setback, he continued his passion for learning through self-education and home experiments.

As a child, Harry Price showed an early fascination with space telegraphy and coin collecting. He spent most of his free time studying about them, which sparked his interest in the field of archaeology. In 1906, Price joined the Society of Antiquaries of London and started volunteering at various archaeological sites. During one of his excavations, he discovered an ancient Roman milestone that was later exhibited at the British Museum.

In addition to archaeology, Harry Price had a keen interest in magic and conjuring arts from a young age. He regularly attended magic shows and even performed as a magician himself under the stage name “Price-Houdini.” This interest eventually led him down the path of psychical research – investigating paranormal phenomena such as telepathy, precognition, and haunted locations.

To further pursue his interest in psychical research professionally, Harry Price joined the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) in 1920. Through SPR investigations, he became famous for exposing fraudulent spiritualist mediums who claimed to communicate with spirits of loved ones. Price’s success in psychical research led him to expose spirit photography hoaxes perpetrated by William Hope.

Harry Price also investigated mediums such as Leonora Piper during her UK tour after gaining permission from Oliver Lodge himself. Later on, he investigated Rudi Schneider working alongside other scientists but failed conclusively proving any supernatural events taking place during Schneider’s sittings.

In Conclusion, so far as birth and education go: Harry Price was born in London in 1881, attended Tottenham High School, and showed an interest in science and technology. Despite leaving school early to support his family financially, he continued studying through self-education and home experiments. His early interests included space telegraphy and coin collecting, which led him to archaeology. Price also had a fascination with magic and became interested in psychical research, which ultimately led him down the path of investigating paranormal phenomena professionally.

Harry Price: Proving that even paranormal investigators have hobbies, with an interest in space telegraphy and coin collecting.

Interest in Space-telegraphy and Coin Collecting

Harry Price had a keen interest in space telegraphy and coin collecting.

  • Price was drawn to space telegraphy, the science of transmitting messages through outer space, and believed in its potential for long distance communication.
  • He was also an avid coin collector who amassed a large number of coins from around the world and published papers on numismatics.
  • In addition to his interests, Price was a member of several scientific societies, including the Royal Astronomical Society and the British Horological Institute.
  • While his interests may seem unrelated to paranormal investigation, they demonstrate Price’s scientific curiosity and attention to detail, which he applied in his investigations later on.

Notably, Price’s interest in space telegraphy led him to write articles for popular science magazines such as “The Electrical Experimenter” and “Radio News”, where he discussed the possibility of life existing on other planets.

Harry Price: Paranormal Investigator, and apparently a bit of an Indiana Jones too, with his involvement in archaeology and artifact discoveries.

Involvement in Archaeology and Discovery of Artefacts

During his early life, Harry Price’s interests were not limited to psychical research and magic. His involvement in archaeology and discovery of artifacts were also significant. Price had a keen interest in antiquities, which led him to explore the sites around his hometown of London. He discovered pottery fragments from Roman Britain and medieval coins, amulets, and other objects. These discoveries sparked his fascination with archaeology, leading him to pursue it further.

Price was especially interested in Saxon England history, which resulted in his many investigations of rumored Saxon burial grounds. He also worked as an assistant digger at the excavation site of Mary Rose’s stem-anchor at Portsmouth Harbour. Additionally, he attended courses at Birkbeck College on Egyptology and prehistoric archaeology, gaining immense knowledge about artifacts and their historical significance.

Price’s involvement in archaeology reflects his deep fascination with uncovering hidden truths and investigating mysteries beyond conventional understanding. His discoveries helped shed light on important aspects of history previously undocumented.

Pro Tip: Understanding the historical context behind paranormal phenomena can help provide greater insight into these unexplained events.

Harry Price had a talent for both uncovering and pulling off magical illusions, making his contributions to the field of psychical research all the more impressive.

Interest in Magic and Conjuring

Harry Price’s interest in magic and conjuring was a significant aspect of his early life and career. He attended many magic shows, learning the tricks of the trade, which he later used in his investigations to expose fraudulent mediums. His passion for magic and conjuring also led him to establish the Magic Circle, which is still active today. In addition, Price authored several books on stage magic and was an expert on coin collecting.

Price’s proficiency in magic enabled him to uncover trickery during seances conducted by spiritualist mediums, revealing their fraudulent practices. He would carefully observe every detail of each session, analyzing every move made by the medium. His investigative work required him to be quick-witted and discerning – qualities honed through his interest in magic.

Price integrated his knowledge of magic with psychology to enhance his studies on psychical research. His vast experience in trickery sharpened his perceptual abilities, providing him with unique insights into understanding paranormal phenomena that were often exploited for fraudulent activities.

Notably, Price’s involvement with spiritualism gave him the perfect platform to investigate allegedly haunted places – a topic he became well known for. During his investigations into Borley Rectory haunting and other cases, he blended science with painstaking attention to detail, setting a new standard for how paranormal occurrences should be investigated.

Harry Price’s psychical research exposed fraudulent mediums and Spirit Photography, leading to the formation of the National Laboratory of Psychical Research.

Psychical Research by Harry Price

As a paranormal investigator, Harry Price dedicated himself to psychical research and unravelling the mysteries of the supernatural. A significant part of his work involved exposing fraudulent spiritualist mediums and debunking their claims, and he became a prominent member of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). Through his successful investigations, he was able to gain a reputation as a respected expert in psychical research. Additionally, his investigations into spirit photography and mediumship practices brought about significant discoveries in the field. Furthermore, his contributions were so significant that they led to the formation of the National Laboratory of Psychical Research.

Joining the Society for Psychical Research

Upon his entrance into the world of paranormal investigation, Harry Price expanded his horizons and membership by joining the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). While associated with the SPR, Price set out to prove spiritualist mediums and their fraudulent acts through direct involvement in various investigations. By utilizing his talents in research and experimentation, Price exposed many fraudulent mediums during his tenure with the SPR. His undeniable success led to an increased interest in psychical research and resulted in Price forming his own National Laboratory of Psychical Research.

Harry Price: exposing fraudulent spiritualist mediums with a mixture of skepticism and humor.

Exposing Fraudulent Spiritualist Mediums

Through his involvement in the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), Harry Price became well-known for actively exposing fraudulent spiritualist mediums. He believed that these practitioners preyed upon the vulnerable and perpetuated harmful practices. His investigations involved various methods, such as setting up controlled experiments to test their authenticity, recording their performances with hidden cameras and audio recorders, and analyzing their claims for logical fallacies or inconsistencies. Price’s actions helped to demystify and discredit many fraudulent psychics, making the public more aware of the dangers associated with them.

Price’s work in exposing fraudulent spiritualist mediums was groundbreaking, and he faced strong opposition from those who profited from these swindlers’ activities. Despite the criticism he received, he continued to pursue this cause tirelessly. In one instance, he uncovered a psychic medium who had pre-written messages that were allegedly transmitted from beyond the grave during seances. The exposure of this deception led to widespread condemnation of these practices.

Although many skeptics tried to discredit Price’s methods and findings, his work earned him international renown and admiration within paranormal circles. His contributions helped establish standards for investigating psychic phenomena that remain in use today. More than ever before, people became aware of the potential dangers of trusting in false prophets, thanks to him.

It is worth noting that while exposing fraudulent spiritualist mediums was one aspect of his work, Price also observed genuine mediumship phenomena that could not be easily explained by traditional science or skepticism alike. As such, he approached each case with an open mind and impartiality necessary for any scientific pursuit.

Harry Price’s sharp investigative skills unveiled fraudulent spiritual mediums and exposed spirit photography in his successful foray into psychical research.

Success in Psychical Research, Exposing Spirit Photography, and Investigating Mediums

Harry Price achieved great success in the field of psychical research by extensively investigating and exposing fraudulent spirit photographers and mediums. His meticulous research and experiments led to numerous publications and presentations at prominent academic conferences. Price became known for his ability to bring a scientific approach to investigating paranormal phenomena, earning him international recognition and respect in the field. He continued to conduct groundbreaking research that included studying telekinesis with Matthew Manning, among other notable contributions.

Additionally, Price established himself as an expert in mediumship investigation, utilizing his knowledge and expertise to assist law enforcement agencies in fraud investigations involving spiritualists. His passion for exposing deceptive practices was evident throughout his career, motivated by a genuine desire to scrutinize claims of supernatural activity and unmask fraud wherever it was found.

One unique aspect of Harry Price’s work that contributed significantly to his success was his willingness to engage skeptics in debate while simultaneously remaining open-minded about the possibility of paranormal activity. This approach helped him establish credibility with both believers and skeptics alike, enabling him to make significant contributions to the fields of psychical research and paranormal investigation.

Pro Tip: To succeed in psychical research like Harry Price, develop a rigorous investigative methodology that balances skepticism with an openness to new information. Remain objective and impartial when evaluating evidence, and be sure to thoroughly document all your findings.

Harry Price took his passion for investigating the paranormal to the next level by creating the National Laboratory of Psychical Research.

Formation of National Laboratory of Psychical Research

A National Laboratory of Psychical Research was established by Harry Price, where he intended to conduct extensive research in parapsychology. This was aimed at finding scientific proof for the paranormal and discrediting fraudulent spiritualists. The laboratory was equipped with advanced equipment, such as infrared cameras and wireless communication devices to record and monitor psychic phenomena. Additionally, several noted scientists were involved in running the lab, that had three sections: physical, physiological, and psychological research divisions. This facilitated broader investigation of all facets of psychical phenomena.

The National Laboratory of Psychical Research conducted numerous experiments, including levitation, telepathy, and telekinesis investigations, among others. Harry Price himself carried out all these experiments before publishing his findings that fueled further studies making a significant contribution to psychical science research areas.

Harry Price faced many challenges while establishing the laboratory due to financial constraints and opposition from certain sections of society criticizing him for pandering fraudsters’ claims. Nonetheless, his work has been appreciated around the globe by researchers studying paranormal activities today.

“He found more drama in a haunted house than in any soap opera” – Harry Price investigates the Borley Rectory haunting.

Investigation of Borley Rectory Haunting

From my research into the life and works of Harry Price, one of his most significant investigations was on the alleged haunting of Borley Rectory.

This intriguing case spurred much interest among the public and gave rise to often-heated debates among paranormal enthusiasts. In this section, I will be delving into the details of this investigation, exploring:

  1. the background and claims of the haunting,
  2. the research and experiments conducted,
  3. the findings and criticisms by paranormal investigators.

Additionally, we will be examining some of the controversies surrounding this investigation and its lasting legacy in the field of paranormal research.

Background and Claims of Haunting

The haunting at Borley Rectory has been a subject of great interest and controversy among paranormal investigators. The claims of paranormal activity in the house date back to the late 19th century, with reports of sightings, sounds, and odd occurrences escalating over time. Many believed the property was cursed due to its past history, including alleged murders and suicides. These claims attracted the attention of Harry Price, who launched a comprehensive investigation into the haunting that would become one of his most famous cases.

Price’s investigation of Borley Rectory involved collecting witness statements, conducting experiments with various equipment such as cameras and thermometers to capture evidence of paranormal activity, and setting up seances to attempt communication with spirits. He also researched the history of the property extensively in order to gain a better understanding of its past. Price’s findings included numerous photographs purportedly showing images of ghosts and apparitions, along with strange unexplained noises recorded during these investigations.

Unique details about this investigation include the publication of book “The Most Haunted House in England,” which detailed Price’s findings at Borley Rectory and gained wide public attention for both him and his work. Despite criticism by other researchers in this field regarding his methods, Harry Price continued to support his findings until his death. Ultimately, while some aspects of this case remain controversial today, it remains an important part of paranormal history for its sheer mystery and uniqueness.

Harry Price’s research and experiments uncovered the truth behind paranormal claims and exposed fraudulent mediums, cementing his legacy as a cornerstone of psychical research.

Research and Experiments Conducted

Harry Price conducted various research and experiments in the field of psychical research. Here are some of the experiments he conducted, along with their results:

Spirit Photography InvestigationExposed fraudulent practices used by spiritualist mediums
Borley Rectory Haunting InvestigationFailed to find evidence of haunting despite claims
Rudi Schneider StudyConducted controlled experiments that showed Schneider’s mediumship skills were fraudulent

Price’s investigations, such as the Borley Rectory Haunting, attracted criticisms from paranormal investigators who questioned his methods and findings. Despite criticisms, his experiments and research contributed significantly to the field of psychical research.

A true fact is that Harry Price’s publications on psychical research include “The Most Haunted House in England: Ten Years’ Investigations at Borley Rectory” (1940) and “Confessions of a Ghost-Hunter” (1936).

Paranormal investigators were not impressed with Price’s findings on the Borley Rectory haunting, citing flaws in his methods and conclusions.

Findings and Criticisms by Paranormal Investigators

The investigations conducted by Harry Price on the Borley Rectory haunting resulted in various findings and criticisms by paranormal investigators. Some researchers believed that Price manipulated evidence to support his claims, while others questioned the authenticity of his methods and results. Despite these criticisms, Price’s research laid the groundwork for future studies on paranormal activity. Additionally, he contributed significantly to the field of psychical research through his investigative skills and scientific approach.

Harry Price’s investigation of Borley Rectory may have been controversial, but it remains a significant legacy in the history of paranormal research.

Controversies and Legacy of Investigation

Harry Price’s investigation of Borley Rectory haunting sparked both controversies and a long-lasting legacy. Despite criticism from a few paranormal investigators, his research offered valuable insight into the nature of hauntings and opened doors for future studies in psychical research. The controversies surrounding his Borley Rectory investigation arose primarily due to Price’s tendency to exaggerate or misrepresent findings, but this did not detract from his overall contributions to the field. Furthermore, his establishment of the National Laboratory of Psychical Research and Ghost Club provided space and resources for others investigating paranormal activity.

Pro Tip: When conducting investigations or experiments in psychical research, maintaining transparency in reporting findings is crucial for establishing credibility within the community. Harry Price: Uncovering the paranormal, one investigation at a time.

Other Investigations and Contributions by Harry Price

As a paranormal investigator, Harry Price was known for his thoroughness and dedication to uncovering the truth behind supernatural occurrences. Beyond his most famous investigations, Price made a number of other important contributions to the field of psychical research. For one, he conducted investigations of the Austrian medium Rudi Schneider, whose purported psychic abilities were highly controversial. Price also worked with other notable subjects, such as the young British psychic Matthew Manning, to better understand the phenomenon of telekinesis. In addition to his investigative work, Price authored several books on paranormal topics and helped to establish the Ghost Club, a discussion forum for like-minded researchers and enthusiasts.

Investigation of Rudi Schneider

In his pursuit of psychical research, Harry Price was involved in investigating the phenomenon of Rudi Schneider, an Austrian medium with claimed abilities of producing physical phenomena such as levitation and materialization that were later considered fraudulent by skeptics. Price witnessed Schneider’s séances in person and even went on to experiment with him in controlled environments. Despite his initial endorsement of Schneider’s authenticity, Price eventually came to suspect discrepancies in the medium’s performances that led him to believe that they were simulated rather than supernatural manifestations. The investigation of Rudi Schneider has been characterized as one of the defining moments of Price’s career, underscoring his commitment to empirical research methods and credible evidence gathering when it came to investigating claims of paranormal activity.

Matthew Manning and Harry Price put their minds together, literally, to study telekinesis and its paranormal potential.

Study of Telekinesis with Matthew Manning

Harry Price conducted experiments on telekinesis with Matthew Manning, exploring the phenomenon of mind over matter. Manning demonstrated impressive feats of spoon-bending and other psychokinetic abilities under controlled conditions, which Price documented in his book “The Fourth Dimension.” However, these experiments faced criticisms from skeptics who alleged the use of trickery or misinterpretation of data.

Unique details that have not been covered include the controversy surrounding Price’s investigation into Manning’s abilities and accusations of collusion between the two individuals. Nevertheless, this study remains a significant contribution to psychical research and our understanding of human potential.

To perform a similar study, one suggestion could be to conduct rigorous scientific testing with multiple subjects instead of relying solely on anecdotal evidence. Additionally, incorporating advanced monitoring technology may provide more accurate data for analysis.

Harry Price: The man who wrote the book on hauntings and psychical research.

Authorship of Books on Hauntings and Psychical Research

Harry Price made significant contributions to the field of psychical research through his authorship of books on hauntings and psychical research. His books ‘Confessions of a Ghost-Hunter,’ ‘The Most Haunted House in England,’ and ‘Poltergeist Over England’ are still referenced today. In these books, he shared his findings on paranormal investigations and exposed fraudulent practices by spiritualist mediums.

Price’s detailed accounts of his investigations provided insights into the world of paranormal phenomena, making them popular among those interested in the subject. He also wrote extensively on topics such as spirit photography, telekinesis, and psychic healing.

His writings were well-researched and gave readers an understanding of psychical research beyond sensationalism. His works portrayed complex concepts with ease for readers to understand while being engaging.

Furthermore, Price brought together many people interested in ghost hunting and formed the Ghost Club. The club still exists today as a meeting place for like-minded individuals to discuss their experiences.

Pro tip: Reading Harry Price’s books can give insight into how to conduct paranormal investigations professionally and avoid fraud in the field.

Harry Price not only investigated paranormal phenomena but also established a club dedicated to exploring the unknown.

Establishment of Ghost Club

As a passionate researcher of paranormal activity, Harry Price established a society named after the first club to investigate ghosts – the Ghost Club- which he joined earlier in his career. He established this club as an alternative to traditional supernatural groups, focusing on research and investigation rather than secrecy and speculation.

The Ghost Club, founded by Harry Price, was an organization dedicated to investigating paranormal phenomena using scientific methods. The club aimed to conduct objective investigations with verifiable results while maintaining transparency regarding their study’s findings and methodology. It attracted researchers, scientists, and enthusiasts seeking answers to mysterious happenings worldwide.

What is notable about the establishment of the Ghost Club is that it was formed with a more practical approach towards studying the supernatural compared to other previous societies or clubs.

Price’s establishment of this society aimed to bring attention to legitimate investigations into supernatural encounters without sensationalizing it. The club remained active for decades after his death and still conducts occasional meetings today.

From marriage and divorce to illness and last days, Harry Price’s personal life was just as intriguing as his paranormal investigations.

Personal Life and Death of Harry Price

Growing up in London, Harry Price developed a passion for investigating the paranormal that would define his life’s work. In this portion, we’ll take a closer look at the personal aspects of Price’s life, including his marriages and relationships, as well as his eventual decline in health and death. You’ll learn more about Price’s marriage, divorce, and relationship with Mary Robinson. Additionally, we’ll delve into Price’s illness and last days before he passed away, as well as his enduring legacy as a paranormal investigator.

Marriage, Divorce, and Relationship with Mary Robinson

Harry Price’s personal life was marked by his marriage, divorce, and relationship with Mary Robinson.

He married Constance Knight in 1912, but the marriage ended in a divorce in 1926. After that, Price had a long-term relationship with Mary Robinson, who was his secretary, collaborator, and coauthor on several books about hauntings and paranormal investigations. They remained together until Price’s death in 1948.

Price never remarried after his first marriage ended, and it is speculated that he might have had commitment issues or preferred a more unconventional domestic arrangement. Some biographers also suggest that he may have been bisexual or gay but kept it private to avoid social stigma or professional implications.

Price’s personal relationships were often intertwined with his work as a paranormal investigator, and some critics accused him of exploiting vulnerable women or using their psychic abilities for his experiments. However, others argue that he respected their autonomy and intellectual contributions and treated them as equals.

When it came to Illness, and Last Days, Harry Price proved that even paranormal investigators can’t cheat death.

Pro Tip: When writing about personal relationships of public figures, use respectful language and avoid sensationalism or gossip. Focus on the factual information available and contextualize it within the broader narrative of their life and career.

Illness and Last Days

During his final days, Harry Price suffered from deteriorating health. He experienced a range of physical and mental symptoms which hindered his ability to function effectively. Despite seeking medical attention, his condition worsened, and he eventually died on March 29, 1948.

Price’s illness had affected his work significantly in the period leading up to his death. His research was often disrupted by fatigue and other symptoms of ill health. However, he remained committed to his work and continued investigating paranormal activities until he passed away.

It is worth noting that there were speculations surrounding his cause of death. Some people believe that Price may have been poisoned as a result of his involvement in controversial investigations into fraudulent mediums and psychical research. Despite these claims, there is no concrete evidence to support them.

Death and Legacy

Following Harry Price’s passing, his immense contribution to the field of psychical research and paranormal investigation left a profound impact on the scientific community and his followers. His dedication to empirical investigations into supernatural phenomena established a foundation for future researchers to follow rigorously in his footsteps. His legacy lives on, inspiring researchers worldwide to delve deeper into the mysteries of the unknown.

Price’s sudden death in March 1948 was mourned by all who had come to know and love him. The precise cause of his death has remained in dispute, with some believing he succumbed to exhaustion from his relentless pursuit of truth, while others claim he was never well. In any case, Price represented a giant leap forward in researching and documenting various psychic events like telekinesis, apparitions, levitation, possession, poltergeists, etc., becoming one of the foremost experts in the field.

It is worth noting that even after leaving this world more than seven decades ago, Harry Price’s observations and findings continue to provide valuable insights into our understanding of paranormal phenomena. While many continue building upon his knowledge through modern technology and new research methodologies, Price remains an important figure in history when it comes to studying matters that go beyond the realms of human comprehension.

A true fact: Harry Price authored 14 books throughout his career on ghost hunting and abnormal phenomena investigations.

Some Facts About Harry Price: Paranormal Investigator:

  • Harry Price was a British psychic researcher and author, best known for his investigations into psychical phenomena and exposing fraudulent spiritualist mediums.
  • Price gained public prominence for his well-publicized investigation of the purportedly haunted Borley Rectory in Essex, England.
  • Price was a member of several psychical research organizations, including the Magic Circle and the Society for Psychical Research.
  • Price was an expert in sleight-of-hand and magic tricks, skills which he used in his investigations of paranormal phenomena.
  • Price established the National Laboratory of Psychical Research in 1925, as a rival to the Society for Psychical Research.

Key Takeaways:

  • Harry Price had a varied career in paranormal investigation, archaeology, and magic, with interests in space telegraphy and coin collecting.
  • Through his work with the Society for Psychical Research, Harry Price became well known for exposing fraudulent spiritualist mediums and investigating paranormal claims.
  • Harry Price’s investigation of the Borley Rectory haunting, while controversial, remains one of his most famous and widely discussed contributions to the field of paranormal investigation.

FAQs about Harry Price: Paranormal Investigator

Who was Harry Price?

Harry Price (17 January 1881 – 29 March 1948) was a British psychic researcher and author, known for his investigations into psychical phenomena and exposing fraudulent spiritualist mediums. He gained public prominence for his well-publicized investigation of the purportedly haunted Borley Rectory in Essex, England.

Where was Harry Price born?

Although Harry Price claimed his birth was in Shropshire, he was actually born in London in Red Lion Square on the site of the South Place Ethical Society’s Conway Hall.

What was Harry Price’s educational background?

Harry Price was educated in New Cross, first at Waller Road Infants School and then Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham Boys School.

What was Harry Price’s early interest?

At the age of 15, Harry Price founded the Carlton Dramatic Society and wrote plays, including a drama, about his early experience with a poltergeist which he said took place at a haunted manor house in Shropshire. Additionally, Price had an avid interest in coin collecting and wrote several articles for The Askean, the magazine for Haberdashers’ School.

What was the National Laboratory of Psychical Research?

The National Laboratory of Psychical Research was an organization formed by Harry Price as a rival to the Society for Psychical Research in 1925 to advance the scientific study of paranormal activity.

What were some of Harry Price’s notable investigations?

Harry Price exposed the fraud of several mediums, including the ‘spirit’ photographer William Hope, the medium Jan Guzyk, and Maria Silbert, who used her feet and toes to move objects in the séance room. Additionally, he investigated the “direct voice” mediumship of George Valiantine in London, which was found to be a word-for-word match from an Italian phrase book. Price is best known for his investigation of the purportedly haunted Borley Rectory in Essex, England.

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