Sam and Colby's Ghost Hunting Equipment

Sam and Colby’s Ghost Hunting Equipment

Have you ever wondered, what equipment Sam and Colby use while ghost hunting? We’ve got you covered! Sam and Colby have assembled the perfect tools to spot and save all kinds of weird ghostly activity. Want to hunt ghosts? Want to use Sam and Colby’s Ghost Hunting Equipment? Keep reading to find out what you need!

Sam and Colby’s paranormal investigations

Sam and Colby, the famed duo notorious for their spine-tingling paranormal investigations, have captivated many with their courageous ghost-hunting escapades. Their equipment is cutting-edge and specifically designed to detect and communicate with supernatural entities.

In their Youtube videos, they use EMF meters to measure energy fields associated with spirits, while spirit boxes scan radio frequencies for ghosts to communicate. Thermal imaging cameras and night vision goggles are also used to detect spectral activity. One bone-chilling experience includes their exploration of an abandoned asylum with a REM Pod. The device detected a high level of supernatural activity, and this event further strengthened Sam and Colby’s confidence in the existence of otherworldly realms.

In their self-proclaimed “favorite video we’ve ever posted,” Sam and Coldy visit the Conjuring house, where Coldy uses the Estes method during the hunt and may have communicated with a demon or non-human entity lurking inside the house. See the video below.

The duo continues to astound audiences by fearlessly unearthing the unknown. Their remarkable ghost-hunting gear aids them as they offer us tantalizing glimpses into the mysterious world beyond our comprehension. Unleash your inner ghostbuster and join Sam and Colby on their supernatural investigations!

Ghost hunting gear used by Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby are on the hunt for ghosts, and they come prepared with a range of specialized gear. They use advanced gadgets to document supernatural activity, and their dedication to capturing evidence is amazing. With the right equipment, they can explore haunted locations with a professional attitude.

Let’s take a look at Sam and Colby’s Ghost Hunting Equipment:

EMF MeterDetecting EMFK2 EMF Meter
EVP RecorderCapturing voicesSony ICD-PX470
Thermal CameraDetecting cold spotsFLIR C3 Compact Thermal Camera
Spirit BoxCommunicating with spiritsP-SB7 Spirit Box
GoPro Camerassmall and durable, making them ideal for capturing footageGoPro
Night Vision GogglesEnhancing visibility in low light conditionsBushnell Equinox Z 4×50

Sam and Colby also use other equipment like infrared thermometers, full-spectrum cameras, motion sensors, and spirit-dowsing rods. This additional gear helps them gather data and understand paranormal activity. They even collaborate with seasoned paranormal investigators from Paranormal Warehouse for advice on the latest ghost hunting gear. This way, they stay updated with technological advancements in the field and improve their investigations.

The duo continues to push boundaries in their quest for unexplained phenomena – armed with top-of-the-line ghost hunting gear. They are highly respected figures among both fans of the supernatural and fellow investigators alike. Ghost hunting with Sam and Colby is like a shopping spree for the paranormal – they’ve got more gadgets than Batman’s utility belt!

Sam and Colby’s Techniques and Gadgets

Sam and Colby are well-known for their expertise in ghost hunting. Their techniques and gadgets are cutting-edge, and their approach is both meticulous and innovative. To uncover mysteries beyond our understanding, they rely on EMF detectors to detect fluctuations in electromagnetic fields.

Spirit Boxes are also used to communicate with entities from other dimensions. These gadgets rapidly scan radio frequencies, allowing quick communication through white noise or voices from different radio stations. Thermal cameras are utilized to visualize temperature changes that often accompany paranormal activity. Night vision technology is employed to navigate dimly lit areas and capture supernatural occurrences on camera.

Furthermore, Sam and Colby create a vulnerable atmosphere to invite spiritual energies to manifest more prominently. To maximize their success, they follow a few key suggestions: being respectful, patient, and persistent, conducting research and preparation, and staying open-minded. This ensures a steady flow of captivating evidence that keeps audiences enthralled. Their commitment to innovation in both technology and methodology makes them pioneers in the field of paranormal investigation.

Other Notable equipment choices of Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby meticulously select essential equipment for their ghost-hunting adventures. Each piece is chosen to enhance their investigations and capture every eerie detail. They use EVP Recorders to capture Electronic Voice Phenomena, EMF Meters to detect electromagnetic frequencies, and IR Cameras to record in the infrared spectrum. But they also incorporate other tools, here are a few.

MagLite M2A01C: The MagLite M2A01C is a durable and reliable flashlight that’s often used in various professional settings. In ghost hunting, a dependable light source is essential, not just for safety but also to navigate dark locations and potentially catch reflective anomalies. With its adjustable focus and intense light beam, the MagLite can be invaluable for investigators looking to explore and document in low-light conditions.

Cat Ball Motion Light-Up Cat Balls: Originally designed as a toy for cats, these motion-sensitive light-up balls can serve an unexpected purpose in paranormal investigations. Ghost hunters can use them as trigger objects, which are items that can interact with spirits. The idea is that any unexplained movement or lighting of the ball in a controlled environment might indicate the presence of paranormal activity, providing both a visual alert and an intriguing piece of potential evidence.

Paranormal Music Box: The Paranormal Music Box is an investigative tool specifically designed for ghost hunting. When triggered by unseen forces or energy changes, it plays a tune. It’s believed that spirits can use their energy to activate the device. This offers investigators a unique way to communicate or detect a presence, providing auditory evidence of potential paranormal interactions. The eerie tune it produces can also create an ambiance that heightens the experience during investigations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of equipment do Sam and Colby use for ghost hunting?

Sam and Colby’s Ghost Hunting Equipment use a variety of equipment for their ghost hunting adventures. Some of the common equipment they use includes EMF meters, spirit boxes, digital voice recorders, infrared cameras, and motion sensors.

How do EMF meters work in ghost hunting?

EMF meters, or electromagnetic field meters, are used in ghost hunting to detect fluctuations in the electromagnetic field. It is believed that spirits and ghosts can manipulate these fields, so EMF meters can help identify paranormal activity by measuring these changes.

What is a spirit box, and how does it work?

A spirit box is a device used in ghost hunting that rapidly scans through radio frequencies, creating a stream of white noise. It is believed that spirits can communicate by manipulating the noise to form meaningful words or phrases. Investigators listen closely for potential responses from the spirit world.

Can I buy the same equipment used by Sam and Colby?

Yes, many of the ghost hunting equipment used by Sam and Colby are available for purchase. You can find them online or at specialized paranormal investigation stores. It’s important to thoroughly research and understand how to use the equipment properly for safety and accurate results.

Is it necessary to use all the equipment Sam and Colby use for ghost hunting?

No, it is not necessary to use all the same equipment as Sam and Colby for ghost hunting. The equipment they use is based on their personal preferences and experiences. As an investigator, you can choose the equipment that aligns with your goals and budget. It’s important to have a few essential tools and gradually expand your equipment as you gain more experience.

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