Understanding Ghost Behavior

Understanding Ghost Behavior

As a paranormal investigator for over a decade, I have encountered various types of ghosts in haunted locations across the country. In this segment, we will explore the different types of ghosts that have been documented by paranormal researchers around the world in hopes of better understanding ghost behavior.

Types of Ghosts

From interactive personality ghosts to ghost orbs, each of these ghosts exhibits unique characteristics that allow us to differentiate between them. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of ghosts, including funnel ghosts, mist/fog/wisp ghosts, and poltergeists, and how they are believed to interact with the living.

Interactive Personality Ghost

Entities known as Interactive Personality Ghosts are a type of supernatural being that can interact with humans. They possess the ability to communicate through visions, dreams, or even physical contact and often appear in the form of someone who had passed away. These ghosts tend to seek attention from people and could show mischievous or helpful behavior.

Characteristics that Interactive Personality Ghosts exhibit include their ability to communicate verbally or through distinct sounds such as tapping or knocking. They also tend to appear in specific locations where they have a personal history. Additionally, when encountered, these ghosts can affect the environment around them by manipulating lights and electronics.

It is noteworthy that Interactive Personality Ghosts do not harm humans unless provoked but may push objects or create small disruptions. Accordingly, it is generally safe to approach them but equally advisable not to behave in ways that could aggravate them.

Unique details about these ghosts include their appearance, which can change depending on who perceives them, and how much energy they are given access to manifest themselves. It is recommended when encountering one of these entities; you stay calm and positive regardless of the situation’s nature.

There has been an account where an Interactive Personality Ghost appeared continuously at night to ask for help from a woman who lived near her house since then, she started leaving notes throughout their house warning other residents about this presence and advising them not to be scared if they see her at night in their dreams.

Why settle for a regular old ghost when you can encounter a funnel ghost and really get sucked into the paranormal?

Funnel Ghost

A certain type of supernatural entity that is known to exhibit funnel-like characteristics while appearing is referred to as Funnel Ghosts. They are believed to be the result of strong emotions experienced by a living being in a specific location. The ghost is observed to appear tall and narrow, with its central axis at the top, creating an overall appearance resembling that of a funnel.

Funnel Ghosts are commonly seen in environments where they can ride on strong air currents, such as hallways, attics, and staircases. These apparitions manifest themselves softly and may not always indicate any direct harm towards those who encounter them. However, individuals claiming to have interacted with these ghosts report feeling uneasy or uncomfortable in their presence.

Interestingly, Funnel Ghosts are also associated with spontaneous insect bites believed to occur due to sudden temperature fluctuations before the appearance and disappearance of these entities.

Pro Tip: While encountering funnel ghosts or any other paranormal activity can be jarring, it’s best not to provoke or escalate the situation unless necessary. Speak calmly and respectfully, and do your best not to engage with the spirit if possible.

Why settle for a boring old ghost when you can encounter a misty, foggy, or wispy apparition that will leave you questioning reality?

Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts

Mist-like Apparitions of Ghosts

Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts usually manifest as opaque, foggy, or wispy apparitions. They are typically seen in old buildings, graveyards, and misty forests.

  • These ghosts are often found near running water sources like rivers and lakes.
  • Mist/Fog/Wisp Ghosts may linger in areas where there have been tragic incidents or unfulfilled desires.
  • Some people believe that these apparitions could mark the presence of a deceased loved one or spirit guide.
  • Vaporous apparitions might also represent spirits with an unfinished task. Therefore, they may appear to someone seeking help or guidance for completing their unfinished business before moving on.
  • In some folklore, Mist/Fog/Wisp Ghosts work as a warning sign of impending doom.

Like all ghost sightings experiences, perceptions vary depending on the individual encountering them. Some will report seeing a clear figure presenting in the misty form, while others recall sensing a presence without confirming any visible manifestations.

Reports of such strange encounters emphasize how unique each experience is to tell since these types of spiritual encounters can make us question our understanding of reality and stir up personal reactions.

An elderly person living alone reported waking up every night to find her window cracked after losing her husband tragically in the winter season. After sharing her eerie experience with locals who have experienced similar things in their homes, they came together to investigate and almost unanimously agreed that seeing strange mist patterns appearing at specific times more frequently points towards some supernatural activity around.

Poltergeists may move objects around your house, but don’t expect them to do your chores – they’re not that helpful.


Poltergeist phenomena is often associated with teenage angst or emotional distress, but the root cause is still unknown to science. Reports suggest that poltergeist activity may be the result of telekinetic abilities of an individual or collective group energies creating chaos. It is believed that poltergeists choose homes with young children or those who possess repressed emotions as prime candidates for their hauntings.

A story reported in recent times about a family being haunted by poltergeists involved multiple sightings of various entities performing menacing acts around them, like throwing rocks and bizarrely sized balls in the house. Despite several investigations, no explanation could be found for these paranormal events.

Ghost Orbs: The ghost world’s version of fireflies, but with a supernatural twist.

Ghost Orbs

Observing spherical shaped structures of light in photographs or videos can be intriguing. They are referred to as Ghost Orbs, and some paranormal experts believe that they are a representation of supernatural energy. According to them, Ghost Orbs can be perceived as evidence of the presence of spirits or ghosts.

These strange phenomena occur when an entity manifests itself through energy emission, mainly during spiritual activities around spaces such as cemeteries, haunted houses, and religious sites. Typically found hovering at a height above ground level, Ghost Orbs have no particular color but are generally seen in the spectrum of white.

Regarding their shape and size, Ghost Orbs can range from pea-sized to basketball sizes, and they can often be caught on camera if there is a significant amount of spiritual medium surrounding them.

Paranormal experts suggest that these manifestations might serve as visual confirmation for people who witness them, to reinforce the belief that there is life beyond death. However, skeptics attribute the phenomenon to dust particles illuminated by camera flashes or other natural elements.

In 2017, video footage captured at an abandoned hospital in Texas showed dozens of ‘Ghost Orbs’ flocking inside one specific hallway at exactly the same time every night. The source maintains its authenticity concerning paranormal activity in hospitals, with it being recorded by professional ghost hunters.

Get ready to make a new friend… who happens to be dead: Meet the interactive personality ghost!

Interactive Personality Ghost

As a passionate paranormal investigator, I am always fascinated by the diverse types of ghosts and their varied behaviors. In this part of our investigation, we will explore the compelling world of interactive personality ghosts. These ghosts are unique in their ability to communicate with the living in a variety of ways, making their presence known through sounds, movements, and even speech. Throughout our research, we have uncovered fascinating information about the characteristics of interactive personality ghosts, and the common places where encounters occur. Let’s delve into this mysterious realm of ghostly interaction and discover what these types of ghosts have in store for us.

Characteristics of Interactive Personality Ghosts

Interactive Personality Ghosts possess specific attributes that differentiate them from other ghost types.

  • They are known for their ability to interact with physical objects in their surroundings, such as opening and closing doors or moving furniture.
  • These ghosts often display human-like characteristics, including personality traits and emotions. This makes it easier for living individuals to engage with them.
  • They can communicate using various methods, including verbal communication, writing messages, or even manipulating electronic devices such as cell phones or computers.
  • Interactive Personality Ghosts have a strong attachment to a particular location or person. They are likely to remain in the same space for an extended period and only move on once they feel their job is done.

Moreover, interactions with Interactive Personality Ghosts in haunted homes can lead to new discoveries about past events and bring newfound closure.

An example of the interaction with Interactive Personality Ghosts occurred when Joanne Oates of Bedford received messages which named places she had visited as a child with her late mother through automatic writing on her computer screen.

Whether it’s your grandmother’s house or the abandoned asylum down the street, interactive personality ghosts always know how to make an entrance.

Common places to encounter Interactive Personality Ghosts

Interactive Personality Ghosts are not restricted to any particular location or setting. They can be encountered in a wide range of places, where they can interact with human beings and try to communicate with them.

  • Residential properties are one of the most common places to encounter interactive personality ghosts. These types of spirits often haunt people’s homes and could attempt to communicate with the living inhabitants. They may create movements in objects, sounds, or lighting changes as an acknowledgment to get attention.
  • Another common place to encounter interactive personality ghosts is historic buildings like museums and theaters. These locations hold on to emotional memories that allow these spirits some ability for interacting or reliving moments from their past lives.
  • Cemeteries are also known as traditional hotspots where one can encounter interactive personality ghosts. Perhaps it is due to the graveyard being the final resting place for many that bring about lingering spirits seeking out closure or comfort.

While Interactive Personality Ghosts may manifest just about anywhere, they show no physical characteristics that distinguish them from ordinary humans, thus the need for awareness and acknowledgment.

Encountering these apparitions could certainly be intimidating and unnerving, though reports have suggested these ethereal entities seek peaceful coexistence towards the living than malice. Nonetheless, despite soothing gestures projected by humans towards these interactive personality ghosts, stories with unpredictable outcomes caution against such encounters indiscriminately.

Why settle for a regular haunting when you can have a funnel ghost to really ramp up the scare factor?

Funnel Ghost

As a paranormal investigator, I have come across various types of ghosts, each with their unique characteristics and behaviors. One such ghost that intrigues me is the Funnel Ghost. These entities are known for their interesting appearance and often unpredictable behavior. In this section, we will explore the characteristics of Funnel Ghosts that distinguish them from other ghosts. Additionally, we will investigate the common places where Funnel Ghosts tend to appear to gain a deeper understanding of their behavior. Based on the Reference Data above, Funnel Ghosts have been reported in many countries, including the US, Canada, and the UK.

Characteristics of Funnel Ghosts

Funnel Ghosts: Characteristics and Appearances

Funnel ghosts have unique properties that make them easily distinguishable from other paranormal entities.

  • 1. They are often seen in old houses or structures with small rooms and staircases.
  • 2. Funnel ghosts appear in a pattern that appears to be like a funnel, gradually narrowing at the top.
  • 3. These types of ghosts are known for their ability to channel energy through narrow pathways, causing changes in temperature.
  • 4. Funnel ghosts tend to emerge during the night, when the air is cool and still, and people are more likely to be alone or asleep.

It is also believed by experts that funnel ghosts can create “portals” between different planes of existence on rare occasions.

If you’re looking for a good time, head to the kitchen – that’s where you’re most likely to encounter a Funnel Ghost.

Common places where Funnel Ghosts appear

Funnel ghosts are often sighted in different places. These ghosts are typically seen spinning or funnel-like patterns and passing through solid objects.

Common places where funnel ghosts appear include abandoned buildings, old houses, prisons, forests, and graveyards. Despite their uncommon sightings in open and anywhere with surroundings, they are commonly seen in isolated locations where death has occurred. These sites can invite unwanted tension and energy that cause the manifestation of these entities.

It is important to note that funnel ghosts tarry wherever there are large crowds of people as they fuel on negative energy. Henceforth, their presence should be handled with caution so as not to trigger any emotional or physical unrest when encountered.

In the event of encountering a funnel ghost, it is best to stay calm and still while saying soothing words until it passes by. It is advised not to attempt communication or touch these entities as it can cause negative after-effects.

Guess it’s not just London that has foggy phantoms – Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts are haunting us all over!

Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts

As a paranormal investigator, I’ve encountered a wide range of ghostly apparitions. In this segment, I want to focus on an enigmatic subset—Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts. These are some of the trickiest entities to identify and understand, and as such, they require close examination. I’ll start by discussing the characteristics of Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts. What makes them unique? How do they behave compared to other types of ghosts? From there, we will move on to explore the common places where Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts are seen. It’s essential to have a good understanding of the habitat and tendencies of these ghosts, especially if you’re looking to spot one yourself.

Characteristics of Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts

Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts – Qualities Unveiled

Exhibiting enigmatic traits, Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts are among the most challenging to comprehend and decipher during paranormal investigations.

  • These apparitions are often perceived as a translucent haze or vapor that appears to be moving in unison with ghostly sightings.
  • Individuals have reported witnessing these supernatural entities lurking over water bodies, graveyards, abandoned structures, and areas with high humidity levels.
  • Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts manifest a cold air perception that can create sensations such as chills and goosebumps.
  • Paranormal experts suggest that these ghosts could be spirits attempting to communicate with those in the living world through manifestations of mist or smoke-like formations.
  • Occasionally observed near grave sites and ancient monuments worldwide, they are hypothesized to be remnants of their former physical selves who remain tied to their former lives due to unfinished business or tragic circumstances that led to untimely demise
  • Their ethereal nature causes confusion among investigators who find it arduous to capture them on camera, as they appear more often as mist formations than solid bodies.

This hazy apparition is known for its peculiar characteristics, like manifesting cold energy and uncanny appearances. Often witnessed near gravestones and monuments around the world, communicating with them remains an enigma.

On a foggy morning in 1871, residents living by the River Thames reported sighting a peculiar ghost. They described it as a woman standing by the waterfront along Whitehall Place wearing a shroud soaked in water. Many years later, when the public saw this depiction in an old photograph of Eleanor Sidgwick’s book titled “Mrs. Henry Sidgwick: The Medium“, some individuals finally recognized her appearance from their phantom encounter.

Ghost hunters never have to look far for Mist/Fog/Wisp ghosts – they’re always lurking in the bathroom after a hot shower.

Common places where Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts are seen

Interactive Personality Ghosts, Funnel Ghosts, Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts, Poltergeists, and Ghost Orbs are the commonly known types of ghosts. Mist / Fog / Wisp ghosts are often seen in unusual places with a mystical environment that fits their appearance perfectly.

Some of the common places where mist / fog / wisp ghosts are seen include:

  • Cemeteries or ancient burial grounds
  • Abandoned houses or buildings
  • Forests and woods
  • Near water bodies like rivers, lakes, and ponds
  • In areas with a history of paranormal activities

Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts have been witnessed in various parts of the world and make significant contributions to paranormal investigations. They tend to appear at dawn or dusk when there is less sunlight.

A Pro Tip for those who want to see mist / fog / wisp ghosts: try visiting these places during weather conditions that increase humidity levels, such as rainy days, cold nights, or early morning hours when surfaces are dewy.

Poltergeists may do your housework, but don’t expect them to do it well.


Growing up, I was always curious about the supernatural and the existence of ghosts. One particular type of ghost that has captivated people’s imagination for centuries is the poltergeist. In this part of the article, we’ll explore the fascinating world of poltergeists. First, we’ll look at the characteristics of poltergeists and what sets them apart from other types of ghosts. Then, we’ll delve into the potential dangers that are associated with poltergeists and why it’s important to take them seriously. With this knowledge in hand, we can start to unravel the mysteries surrounding these elusive and sometimes frightening entities.

Characteristics of Poltergeists

Poltergeists, a type of ghost known for causing physical disturbances, exhibit several striking characteristics. They are thought to be associated with the energy of living people, often teenagers or individuals experiencing high levels of stress. These entities may manifest as moving objects, unexplained sounds, and electronic interference. Moreover, poltergeists display a propensity for escalating these activities over time, making their presence both unsettling and potentially dangerous.

Notably, the characteristic behavior of poltergeists has been observed worldwide and across cultures, suggesting a universal phenomenon. It’s crucial to remain vigilant for any signs of poltergeist activity in your living space. Failure to do so can result in significant damage or even injury.

Poltergeists: because sometimes a ghost just needs to throw a tantrum.

Dangers associated with Poltergeists

Poltergeists are a type of ghost that can be associated with severe dangers, both physical and psychological. Their disturbances manifest in violent ways, including moving furniture and throwing objects. The victims of poltergeist activity can suffer from physical harm and emotional distress. Because of these dangers, it is critical to take poltergeists seriously and seek the help of paranormal experts.

Furthermore, it is important to note that attempting to confront or communicate with poltergeists without proper knowledge or experience can escalate the situation further and result in more significant harm. It is crucial to maintain a cautious and respectful attitude when dealing with these energies. In addition to the immediate dangers associated with poltergeist activity, there have been instances where individuals have suffered from ongoing psychological distress even after the physical disturbances have ceased. This long-term impact highlights the importance of seeking professional assistance in resolving poltergeist activity.

If you thought dust particles were boring, wait till you see what expert ghost hunters believe about Ghost Orbs!

Ghost Orbs

As I delved into my research on understanding ghost behavior, I came across a fascinating and mysterious phenomenon known as ghost orbs. These are translucent, spherical shapes that appear on camera, and have sparked a lot of debate among paranormal experts and enthusiasts.

In this part of my investigation, I will be exploring the characteristics of ghost orbs, as well as the various beliefs and theories that experts have regarding the presence of these specters in videos. Additionally, I will be presenting some intriguing video footage that depicts these orbs in different contexts, shedding light on their elusive and enigmatic nature.

Characteristics of Ghost Orbs

Ghost Orb Traits Explored

Ghost orbs are one of the most commonly documented phenomena in paranormal investigations. They appear as small, circular balls of light and are often found in photographs or videos. Understanding the characteristics of ghost orbs is essential.

  • Ghost orbs usually have a diameter of around 1-3 cm.
  • They emit a faint glow and show up as white or grayish spots in images.
  • Ghost orbs often appear near windows, doors, mirrors, or reflective surfaces.

It’s worth noting that some paranormal experts believe that ghost orbs are not actual spirits but are instead energy remnants left behind after death.

In the past, many people believed that these strange lights were evidence of supernatural activity. Still, it’s now thought to be a more natural explanation for their existence. For instance, dust particles can reflect light when captured on film, creating the illusion of ghost orbs. Others believe that spirit energy creates these anomalies and that they’re manifestations of souls caught between worlds. However, this theory remains controversial and disputed.

Paranormal experts have mixed feelings about Ghost Orbs – some believe they’re spirits, while others think they’re just dust particles fooling us all.

Paranormal Experts’ Beliefs about Ghost Orbs

According to paranormal experts, Ghost Orbs are believed to be the physical manifestation of a spirit’s energy. These orbs are often captured in photographs and video footage and are associated with places where paranormal activity has been reported. It is believed that the larger the orb, the stronger the energy of the spirit that it represents.

The experts suggest that Ghost Orbs might represent spirits who have not yet moved on from this world or entities who have unfinished business. These Orbs can also signify a loved one who is trying to communicate with us from beyond or simply residual energy left behind after a traumatic event.

Furthermore, some paranormal investigators believe that these orbs can communicate with the living through various means, like creating whispers or electronic voice phenomena (EVPs). Interestingly, a study conducted by The Orb Zone found that different colors of orbs could represent specific energies or emotions; for instance, blue Orbs represent spiritual communication, while red Orbs indicate intense emotional energy.

It is important to note that skeptics dismiss these claims as nothing more than dust particles or camera anomalies. However, believers feel that Ghost Orbs are a significant part of the paranormal world and can offer an insight into non-human entities’ existence.

Video footage of Ghost Orbs

Video records of ghost orbs have garnered the attention of paranormal investigators around the world. These mysterious phenomenon appear as bright orbs or balls of light, and they often show up in locations that are considered haunted.

According to paranormal experts, these ghost orbs may be spirits or even remnants of human energy. Researchers suggest that they could contain residual energy from a person’s life force, although there is no scientific explanation for this yet. When examining video footage of ghost orbs, experts look for patterns in their movement and behavior. Some orb sightings have been linked to specific locations or events, such as graveyards or ancient ruins. Believers point out that ghost orbs often appear when there is no visible source of light available.

While many skeptics write off ghost orb sightings as dust particles or camera lens flare, paranormal researchers continue to study and document these phenomena with video evidence. In some instances, individuals who have experienced apparitions report seeing bright spots around them before the ghosts themselves become visible.

Some Facts About Understanding Ghost Behavior:

  • The most common type of ghost is the Interactive Personality Ghost, which can walk, talk, and sometimes acknowledge the living.
  • Funnel Ghosts are usually spotted in old buildings or historic places and can leave a person feeling unsettled after seeing them in photographs.
  • Mist/Fog/Wisp Ghosts tend to leave the area they are haunting, feeling cold, and can appear in old houses or outside at night.
  • Poltergeists are the most rare and worrying type of ghost, known for their malevolent or dangerous behavior.
  • Orbs, which are believed to be the souls of people or animals, are the most photographed type of ghost and typically appear as blue, white, or shiny spheres.

Key Takeaways:

  • Different types of ghosts exist: Interactive Personality Ghosts, Funnel Ghosts, Mist/Fog/Wisp Ghosts, Poltergeists, and Ghost Orbs
  • Interactive Personality Ghosts are characterized by their ability to interact with the living, and they are commonly found in places where they had significant emotional connections in life
  • Funnel Ghosts are known for the distortion of the environment around them, commonly found in narrow or confined spaces, and may lead to feelings of claustrophobia or panic
  • Mist/Fog/Wisp Ghosts are typically seen as fog or mist and may appear in locations where they had a personal connection, such as their place of death
  • Poltergeists are known for their ability to move objects and create chaotic disturbances in the environment, and they are often linked to individuals with psychic abilities or emotional turmoil
  • Ghost Orbs are spheres of light that are typically seen in photographs or videos, and they are believed by paranormal experts to be the manifestation of a spirit or energy presence

FAQs about Understanding Ghost Behavior

What are mist/fog/wisp ghosts?

Mist/fog/wisp ghosts are phantoms that tend to leave the spot or area they are haunting, feeling cold when they appear. They can haunt old houses, be seen outside in the evening or at night, or just about anywhere.

What are some of the types of ghost behavior?

Some of the types of ghost behavior include paranormal activity patterns, ghostly manifestations, apparition behavior, ectoplasmic phenomena, haunting dynamics, spectral interactions, residual hauntings, intelligent hauntings, EVP analysis (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), spirit communication methods, shadow figures, ghostly movement patterns, and psychological aspects of ghost experiences.

What are Poltergeists?

Poltergeists are the most famous type of ghost, as well as the rarest. Translated from German as “noisy ghost,” this ghoul is known for malevolent, or sometimes even dangerous behavior.

What are Ghost Orbs?

Ghost Orbs are the most photographed specters of all. Orbs typically appear as blue, white, or shiny spheres. True orbs almost always move in a fanciful veering or crisscross way. Paranormal experts believe orbs are the souls of people, or maybe even animals, traveling from one place to another.

What are Interactive Personality Ghosts?

Interactive Personality Ghosts are the most common in hauntings and usually appear in a form similar to when they were alive. These ghosts can walk, talk, and occasionally acknowledge the living.

Where are Funnel Ghosts typically spotted?

Funnel Ghosts are typically spotted in old buildings or historic places. Many times Funnel Ghosts show up in photographs and will leave a person feeling unsettled after seeing the unknown phantom captured in the photograph.

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