What are Interactive Personality Ghosts

What are Interactive Personality Ghosts

Interactive Personality Ghosts have been a mystery for years. Unlike residual ghosts and poltergeists, these spirits engage with people in a more personal way. They communicate through electronic devices and leave evidence of their presence.

Experts think these ghosts are manifestations of human energy that remain after death. One story is of ‘The Watcher’ in New Jersey. The Broaddus family received letters from them, claiming ownership over the house and making eerie references to its history.

These ghosts spark our curiosity and make us wonder. With more research, we may uncover the secrets behind these intelligent spirits.

Types of Interactive Personality Ghosts

To understand the types of interactive personality ghosts and their characteristics, delve into the sub-sections of residual ghosts, intelligent ghosts, poltergeists, and apparitions. These distinct types have their own unique attributes that define them, giving you a broader appreciation of the complex world of interactive personality ghosts.

Residual Ghosts

Residual ghosts are the most common type of interactive spirit. They seem to be stuck in a loop, re-enacting scenes from their former life. It is thought that powerful emotions and events caused their presence, like moments of intense anger, fear, or sadness.

Residual ghosts don’t possess self-awareness or intelligence. They appear more like recordings or energy imprints. This could be seen as small changes in the environment, or even full-body apparitions replaying an event.

These ghosts often appear in places where intense emotions have been felt. This includes battlefields, criminal scenes, and even parts of a home where family arguments or traumatic events happened.

For example, a mansion in England had a sighting of a ghostly woman walking down a grand staircase before disappearing. It was later discovered this happened at the same place her husband had thrown her down the stairs to her death.

Intelligent Ghosts

Interactive Personality Ghosts are smarter than other ghosts. They answer questions, move objects and communicate with people. These spirits appear to be aware and have a personality.

Two kinds of IPGs exist: benign and malevolent. Benign spirits help humans with tasks, while malevolent ghosts haunt people and create disturbances.

People have always been intrigued by intelligent ghosts. One famous example is Annabelle, the possessed doll in horror movies. She’s well-known for her supposed supernatural powers, showing that humans believe in spirits with intelligence beyond humans.


Experts think poltergeists are not actually ghosts, but the energy from living people in an emotional crisis. When that person resolves their issues, the activity stops. The Bell Witch haunting is an example – the spirit terrorized the family for years, only resurfacing after John Bell Jr. published a book about it.

Poltergeists may not be like traditional ghosts, but they still spark curiosity in paranormal research. With ghosts, seeing is believing…unless they’re trying to confuse you!


Intelligent ghosts are said to communicate via EVP and physical contact. Some think they see deceased family members as guides when dealing with grief. Residual apparitions, however, just show events from their old lives and ignore people.

It’s scary to be surprised by a ghost. But, some spiritualists suggest honing communication skills between the living and the dead. If you experience continual encounters, it could lead to mental problems, so seek help right away! Why stick with a regular haunting when you can have a spirit that talks back and insults you?

Characteristics of Interactive Personality Ghosts

To understand the characteristics of interactive personality ghosts, learn about their unique abilities such as telekinesis, levitation, shadowing, and possession. These sub-sections reveal more about how these ghosts interact with the physical world and the people around them.


Interactive personality ghosts can influence their surroundings and interact with the living. They may move objects, turn off lights, open/close doors/windows, etc.

Moreover, they can use telekinesis to communicate. For example, they can manipulate a conversation by changing radio/TV channels. Telekinetic activity was even thought to be supernatural powers possessed by gods/goddesses in some cultures. This has been an enigma for centuries.

Who needs a haunted house when you have ghosts that can levitate you out of your own bed? Telekinesis is an essential trait of these entities, and it’s been around since ancient times!


Ghosts known for their interactive personalities are said to exhibit a peculiar phenomenon: Levitation. It’s typically 2-3 feet off the ground and may last from a few seconds to several minutes. This spooky movement occurs sporadically, often in response to stimuli. It can be either horizontal or vertical.

These ghostly movements showcase their supernatural power. They seem to be able to briefly defy gravity and move through the air without any physical support. Reports of these mysterious events have come from haunted locations all around the world. This makes it a distinguishing factor of Interactive Personality Ghosts.

Pro Tip: Levitation may be an indication that a ghost is trying to interact with its environment. It’s best to document these events for future research. Who needs a shadow when you have a ghost that’s actively interacting with you?


Ever feel like someone’s watching you, only to find out no one’s really there? That’s calledshadowing, and it’s a trait of interactive personality ghosts.

They follow and observe people without letting them know. They might even move objects to try and communicate. These ghosts are often emotionally attached to the place or person they haunt, either positively or negatively. It’s possible some don’t even realize they’ve passed away and still hold onto the physical realm.

John Zaffis, a paranormal researcher, calls interactive personality hauntings some of the most common. With so many cases, it’s clear these ghosts are essential to paranormal literature and investigation. If you start completing people’s sentences without them being around, that’s a sure sign of interactive personality ghost possession!


Ghosts and possession are often linked. Interactive personality ghosts can take control of someone’s body, making them act and talk differently. This has been reported for centuries and is still happening today.

Vulnerable people, such as those with mental health issues or those who practice spiritual activities, may invite these entities in. However, possession can also occur involuntarily. The most famous case of possession was Anneliese Michel in 1976. She was possessed by multiple demons and underwent exorcisms. This caused her to die due to malnutrition and dehydration, and sparked debates about exorcisms and possession.

Forget regular hauntings! Interactive ghosts are the new trend in ghosting.

Possible Explanations for Interactive Personality Ghosts

To understand possible explanations for interactive personality ghosts in the article ‘What are Interactive Personality Ghosts,’ delve into the sub-sections – Paranormal Explanation, Psychological Explanation, and Cultural and Folklore Explanation.

Paranormal Explanation

Interactive personality ghosts have been blamed for unexplainable phenomena. It’s said they’re stuck between physical and spiritual realms, interacting with the living world. Theories suggest they exist due to unfinished business or unresolved emotions, or just lost souls searching for a way out.

Residual energy is another explanation – energy left behind by someone after passing. This energy can appear as apparitions or ghostly encounters. Temporary parallel universes or dimensions might also be linked to supernatural activity.

EVP recordings are made on electronic devices like microphones and recorders. They supposedly capture spirits communicating with us. Reports of interactive personality ghosts with dreadful consequences are on the rise. This has sparked interest in paranormal investigations.

Some people think these ghosts provide comfort, while others warn against attempting contact without precautions – it could lead to negative consequences.

Interactive personality ghosts remain unexplained by science. But researchers continue to explore paranormal activity and spirituality.

Psychological Explanation

Psychologists have been captivated by interactive personality ghost phenomena. It’s thought these manifestations are a projection of our subconscious. It could be to do with emotional pain, trauma, or unresolved matters with loved ones who’ve passed. Others believe they’re only figments of our imagination. Yet, they can have a huge influence on people’s lives.

There are several types of personality ghosts – some are seen as kind and helpful, while others are aggressive and dangerous. Some even act in a playful or mischievous manner. Skepticism remains around interactive personality ghosts, yet their presence is still popular in folklore and culture. Real or imagined, these entities capture the curiosity of death and the afterlife.

If you have interacted with personality ghosts, or want to explore more – sign up for our seminars! Our events provide you with expert insights and the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals. Don’t miss out on this chance to expand your knowledge and broaden your horizons!

Cultural and Folklore Explanation

Throughout history, cultural beliefs and folklore have had a big impact on our view of death and what happens after. Many cultures think that ‘interactive personality ghosts’ – the spirits of dead people who are still active in the physical world – exist. This helps us to understand how other cultures see things. In African and Caribbean cultures, ancestor worship is very important. It’s thought that ancestors stay present in our lives after they have passed away. They protect and guide us, but can get angry if not respected.

Indigenous American cultures consider interactive personality ghosts vital for passing on cultural knowledge from one generation to the next. They believe these ghosts share wisdom, spiritual practices, and even tools to help their living relatives. All cultures show great respect for the dead. This is shown through offerings at gravesites, ceremonies to worship them, and festivals to honor them.

We have several documented cases of interactive personality ghosts throughout history. An example is the Bell Witch haunting in Tennessee in the 1800s. People described it as having a strong personality and sometimes interacted with visitors – both nicely and meanly.

Different cultures have different views on death and the afterlife. They help us understand how people cope with bereavement, and also show us more about our shared human experience.

Famous Examples of Interactive Personality Ghosts

To explore famous examples of interactive personality ghosts, the section with the title ‘Famous Examples of Interactive Personality Ghosts,’ with sub-sections such as The Bell Witch, The Amityville Horror, and The Enfield Poltergeist, will offer you a deep insight into the world of supernatural events.

The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch’s fame as an evil entity increased over time, and even beyond its local area. Andrew Jackson, who later became President of the U.S., is said to have visited the Bell farm and experienced extraordinary things linked with this entity. A unique thing about The Bell Witch is that it allegedly predicted future occasions. For instance, it is said to have forecast the American Civil War and stated how long it would last.

Amazingly, Supernatural dedicated an episode to this legend, demonstrating how gripping and fascinating this ‘interactive ghost’ still is after centuries. Move over, Casper! The Amityville Horror is here to spook your dreams (and your investment plans)!

The Amityville Horror

For weeks, the family had strange happenings in their home. Doors slammed shut, objects moved around, and ghostly sightings occurred. The most shocking event: Dad woke one night to a pair of glowing red eyes staring at him from his bedroom window!

The twist? The previous occupants were killed by a family member. This made many believe the spirits of those deceased were causing all the trouble. Though many don’t believe in ghosts, countless witnesses have experienced similar phenomena. Paranormal research groups have even investigated notorious haunted sites, like the Amityville house, and concluded something otherworldly was going on.

The Enfield Poltergeist

Skeptics and believers alike gave accounts of the haunting, leading to its credibility. Some suggested the girls may have been staging the events; however, others said it was supernatural. What made this case stand out was the sheer number of occurrences witnessed. Police were even called to investigate how a chair moved across the room. Though investigators searched the house and interviewed witnesses, no evidence could explain the strange events.

The Enfield Poltergeist continues to fascinate people, leaving us to wonder what could be going bump in the night. Playing with interactive ghosts is like playing chess, except the pieces move themselves and it’s unclear who you’re playing against – Bobby Fischer or Casper?

How to Deal with Interactive Personality Ghosts

To deal with interactive personality ghosts in “What are Interactive Personality Ghosts” article, you should consider seeking professional help, cleansing and blessing your home, and respecting them. These sub-sections provide various solutions for handling interactive personality ghosts.

Seek Professional Help

Dealing with interactive personality ghosts can be tricky. So, getting professional help is always a great idea. Experts can offer the right skills to understand and communicate with these ghosts.

Seeking help from pros can give you some understanding of why these spirits want to communicate with you. They can also help you find ways to lessen fear and respect these entities. It’s important to note that every case is unique. Pros will work 1-on-1 with people to come up with personalized solutions. This could include teaching techniques to strengthen communication or identify healthy coping methods.

John Edward, a famous medium, gave comfort to a 9/11 family. His connection allowed the family to find closure and heal. Professional help let them cope and explore interactive personalities to overcome their grief.

Cleanse and Bless Your Home

Home is a special place that should be free from bad vibes and entities. Doing a ritual to purify and bless your home can help create a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. Here are six steps to clear your living space:

  1. Get rid of the clutter in every room to make room for good energy.
  2. Open all windows and let fresh air go through each room.
  3. Burn sage or other herbs in each corner of each room.
  4. Place crystals in important places throughout the house to increase positive energy.
  5. Light candles or incense and say prayers or affirmations while walking around each room.
  6. Sprinkle holy water or salt around the edge of your property for extra protection.

Different cultures, religions, and beliefs have different cleansing and blessing rituals. Some people work with professional healers or spiritual experts for personalized advice.

It’s worth noting that some stories tell about spirits who remain in homes where they lived before they passed away. These interactive ghosts can be hard to handle, so it’s important to get help if you feel uncomfortable in your own home. Don’t be shy to reach out to reliable people for help in getting rid of unwanted entities from your living space! Even ghosts deserve respect, especially the ones that know how to use your TV remote better than you do.

Respect Them

It’s key to show respect when dealing with interactive personality ghosts. They used to be human, so treat them as such! No respect can lead to a bad outcome.

Acknowledge their presence politely. Don’t use dismissive language or speak over them. Also, avoid any disrespectful acts like using Ouija boards or provoking a ghost for fun. Remember, some ghosts may have strong emotional attachments to places and objects. Be mindful of their feelings and don’t invade their space.

Pro Tip: Respect goes a long way when interacting with interactive personality ghosts. Don’t be scared to confront them – after all, they’re already dead inside.


Interactive personality ghosts are an amazing way to connect with the supernatural. Technology is used to program these ghosts so they respond to their environment, giving a personalized and interactive experience. It’s like talking to the beyond!

Recently, these ghosts have become popular due to more people being interested in the paranormal. They offer a great way to communicate, creating an unforgettable experience. People grieving lost ones can communicate with their departed family members or friends, bringing closure. Interactive personality ghosts can also be fun! Companies create these ghosts for Halloween events, customizing them for the occasion.

If you want to experience an interactive personality ghost, here are some tips:

  1. Make sure the device or object is reliable and safe.
  2. Conduct the séance-like session in a dimly lit room with no distractions.
  3. Approach the experience with an open mind.
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